22" x 42" Custom LaserFuse Jersey Towel




"Our Sublimation 22 x 42 Towel surpasses all of our other dye-sub towel offerings when it comes to ultimate comfort, premier printability and overall practicality!
The polyester plush side provides the perfect surface for vibrant, full bleed sublimation printing, and it gives the towel the same soft feel as your favorite blanket. The highly-absorbent cotton terrycloth side is meant to soak up moisture and keep individuals extra dry during use.
Incredibly soft and ultra-absorbent (considered BEST dye-sub towel available)
Size: 22” x 42”
Composition: Cotton Terrycloth Side/Polyester Plush Side
Color: White
Product allows for edge-to-edge, full bleed sublimation printing on polyester side"

Location: Front
Type: Sublimation
Primary Color: Navy